A whole heap of excuses …. and Hong Kong delights

I’ve been a bad blogger. My excuse? I got married?!?

Well that’s not really an excuse but its a reasonable one. Getting married is a bad for a person who likes to blog, in particular about food. Aside from the fact that I almost drowned in ‘wedding’, the desire to ‘get fit’ eliminates anything remotely yummy… therefore without an interesting thing to say.

So why pick this up again? After an amazing 4 years in London, it was time for us to move on. Sam and I are making the big move to Shanghai which has motivated me (all over again) to want to discover a whole new city of eating. Now the only problem is how to get through the Great Firewall of China?

In the meantime I am in limbo in Hong Kong, as I commence the tedious task of applying for a China work visa. But I can hardly complain… Hong Kong is far from a culinary wasteland and I intend on eating as much as I can over the next few weeks.

Watch this space!

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