Under the Bridge Spicy Crab, Wan Chai

Continuing our hunt for Hong Kong’s best, we were a told that a meal eating typhoon shelter crab at Under The Bridge Spicy Crab was a must. Originally a hawker store under a bridge in Wan Chai, the operation has expanded to 4 locations – all on the same block. Convenient you may think, but slightly confusing when you are trying to work out which restaurant holds your reservation or where to meet your dining companions for that matter!


The Typhoon Shelter Crab really is the star of the show here. Available as a small (HKD480) or medium (HKD680?) portion, the crab is deep fried, the wok tossed with a heaping pile of fried garlic and chilli. You also have the option to choose from 5 levels of heat ranging from Super Spicy to Slightly Spicy. Loving heat, we opted for a level 4 – Very Spicy medium sized bad boy, and boy was it spicy! 

The crunch, heat and flavour of the garlic chilli topping really is the star of the show. It has the right levels of salt without being too salty and has fantastic texture. The Very Spicy was perhaps slightly too spicy for us, but that didn’t stop us from shaking some of that spice off and devouring the sweet meat of the Typhoon Shelter Crab. Whilst the initial size of the plate looked rather daunting, you’ll quickly discover that there isn’t that much meat to the crab and our party of 2, easily managed to finish the crab.

We also ordered the Mantis Shrimp (HKD280 each) cooked in a similar way. We were a little unsure about his dish, especially given the high price tag per shrimp. What we received however was two giant 20-25cm long Mantis Shrimp’s cooked in the similar garlic chilli mix as the crab. This mix was perhaps a little more salty and a little less spicy. The mantis shrimp  tail meat was sweet, but the highlight was sucking the life out of the shrimps head. Deliciously tasty and incredibly satisfying.


Eating at this establishment doesn’t come cheap, and our 2 mantis shrimp plus a medium crab and tea came to a grand total of HKD1300 (Yes we didn’t order any vegetables!).Worth it? Absolutely. Unlike other spicy crab sauces, the chilli garlic mix is well balanced and keeps you coming back for more. Would I go back again? Perhaps with someone who has never been before, it’s just a bit too much of an expense otherwise.

Under the Bridge Spicy Crab
414-424 Jaffe Road,
Wan Chai, Hong Kong
4 other locations within a block radius

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