The Harwood Arms, Fulham

I had my brother stay with me for a few days last week and whilst not his first trip to London, his past experiences have always been as a backpacker during times when the Aussie was substantially weaker to the sterling. Unfortunately his prior opinion of food quality in London reflected this. So it was my aim this time around to prove to him that the city that I now call home may not have a sparkling Sydney harbour, but it still does some good food.

The first stop on our gastronomic tour, The Harwood Arms in Fulham as I figured if I was going to wow him with a gastropub it might as well be a good one.

I have written before how much of a fan I am of Brett Graham, not just because he is a fellow Aussie, but because his food is simple yet brilliant. At his flagship restaurant The Ledbury, his simplistic, yet sophisticated touch lets the produce do the talking and I was very pleased to see this same approach in his more casual (yet Michelin starred) pub. 

There has been much written about the fact that the Harwood Arms in indeed still a pub and therefore fairly no-frills in terms of decor. They even still do Tuesday trivia. There is both a bar menu (snacks) as well as the restaurant menu and specials board. Like the Ledbury, the staff are mainly Australian and New Zealand, and their relaxed demeanor really suits the pub.

We started off with Scotch Eggs (£3.50 each) all round. Honestly I have never been a fan of scotch eggs, mainly because the few that I have had have been luke warm bordering cold, hard-boiled with a gummy sausage layer. The Harwood Arms version, rather looks like a croquette when served. The breadcrumb layer is very crisp (panko breadcrumbs?), the meat layer obvious without being too meaty and egg, perfectly soft-boiled with a runny core. Mixing the runny egg yolk into the crispy breadcrumb shell was just divine!

For our main course, brother J and I decided to share a whole rib roast joint for two (£39). Still loaded with meat from my Albion fix the week prior I was curious to see how the Harwood Arms would match up. Our perfectly medium rare slice meat was served on a huge chopping board (though perhaps not as good as the Albion’s) alongside crispy goose fat potatoes, buttered cauliflower, kale and beans, as well as two perky looking yorkshire puddings.

Brother J took one look at the yorkshire puddings and thought they could possibly be a pie of sorts. Whilst traditionally yorkshire pudding is left plain, this version was not too far off the ‘pie’ mark. Graham has geniusly encased slow butter cooked mushrooms at the bottom of the yorkshire pudding case, almost ‘self-gravying’ the pud. Our meat was tender and juicy, though in parts a little fatty. The serving size was phenomenal and the two of us struggled to finish our mains.

The Harwood Arms doesn’t claim to be something that it’s not. It offers great food, in a laid back environment. The only shame is that we all don’t have a local as great as this.

Harwood Arms
27 Walham Grove
Fulham, SW6 1QP
Harwood Arms on Urbanspoon

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7 Responses to The Harwood Arms, Fulham

  1. The Grubworm says:

    This is one pub I would really like to get too, if only it weren’t all the way over in west London. Sigh, I guess I will just have to head underground and get over there.

    The beef looks generous and well cooked. Anyone who can do a good rib of beef is worth chasing up. And, it has to be said, a pub that is casual but still has managed to get a michelin star must be good. Usually the tyre awards are about over fussy service and food. This looks like it’s neither of these.

  2. Strangely enough I posted mine on Harwood Arms today. Totally agree…shame that i don’t have a local as good as this in my area too!

  3. BTW, did you brother like the food?

    • @Kay: How strange…your snails look delish btw, I wish we ordered them as a few people around us did!
      Brother J loved the food and was literally salivating when the rib roast came out!

      @ The Grubworm: Thanks for the read. Trust me, the stuffy tube journey will be worthwhile when the food comes out! I agree, what I like most is that the pub really is a pub (though with a slightly better wine list)!

  4. Mzungu says:

    Interesting that you say the meat was better at the Albion.
    I’ve been trying to book in for the Harwood Arms and it’s nigh on impossible for a weekend, not too keen on mid week jaunts into Fulham.

  5. Just discovered your blog looking for reviews of The Harwood Arms. I live locally and have wanted to go for ages, but every time I think about booking a table it’s always too late! Having read your review and seen your pics I’m definitely going to make more of an effort now. Really glad to have found such a great blog.

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