Sunday brunch @ Caravan, Exmouth Market

Having lived in Angel Islington for almost 2 years it’s amazing how little I dine at the restaurants in Exmouth Market. Caravan is one of these restaurants, renowned for not only their brunch but their ability to pull a decent flat white.

I really miss doing brunch. It’s something that I used to do in Sydney all the time with my girlfriends as it gives us a ‘proper’ opportunity to catch up on gossip. So on a rainy autumn Sunday morning, bestie D and I found ourselves battling the crowd at Caravan keen to munch on some brunch.

Arranging to meet at the restaurant at 11am, I am entirely grateful that D was early as by the time I arrived, the crowds were pouring in. After being shown to our table shortly after, we quickly ordered flat whites (£2.20 and they do soy) and took a long look at the menu. On weekends Caravan only offer a brunch menu from 10-4pm, but there is plenty on the menu to get excited about. Prices range from £2.50 for toast all the way to £9 for a more substantial full fry up.

Sitting inside the restaurant, the huge windows made me feel like I was in a huge fishbowl which was probably pretty accurate as throughout our meal, people walking past would peer at the masses crowded inside the restaurant. I don’t think much of the name, but the restaurant is very laid back, with ‘rustic furniture to match. In fact the tables and chairs were so rickety even a women my size (average I like to think) feared breaking a chair.

Our flat whites were decent. Milk to coffee ratio was fine, but my main issue was the lack of microfoam, and to me it’s the creamy, velvety microfoam that makes a flat white a flat white.

D ordered the grilled ham, bubble and squeak, two poached eggs and hollandaise (£9). The bubble and squeak was crisp fried and not dissimilar to a croquette – topped with the hollandaise it was pretty delish. Poached eggs were nicely runny and hollandaise eggy, albeit not plentiful.

I ordered Caravan’s baked eggs with tomato and pepper ragout and greek yoghurt (£7) with a side of sourdough. I passed on the chorizo supplement (£2) and was glad that I did as the eggs were deliciously runny, tomato ragout tasty and perfect when scooped up with the sourdough. The chorizo addition would make for a slightly oily breakfast, but good if you needed something substantial to recover from a big night.

The kitchen is headed up by ex-head chef of The Providores in Marylebone, so it’s no surprise that the food is fantastic. Service is friendly, and I like that glasses for tap water are on the table even before you sit down. The only downside is that the wait for brunch on a Sunday is rather long which means even once seated you do feel a little rushed through your meal.

Still with very few places in London offering brunch, I sure will be back.

11-13 Exmouth Market
Clerkenwell, EC1R 4
Caravan on Urbanspoon

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