Neal Yard Dairy haul

Passing through London Bridge on Thursday, we found ourselves almost automatically walking in the direction of Neal Yard Dairy. Neal Yard Dairy is without a doubt London’s premier artisanal cheese store. With store fronts in Covent Garden and Borough Market the group sells mainly English and Irish cheeses.

I must say, they have a pretty smart set up at Neal Yard. Whilst a lot of cheese shops are reluctant to give you tasting samples of cheeses, Neal Yard know that by letting you sample a lot of their cheese, you are bound to find something you like. That’s how we saw ourselves walking out the door with 2 cheeses, despite not planning on being anywhere near refrigeration for at least 6 hours or so.

Our first was their Finn (£3.10/half, pictured top right). The unpasteurized cows cheese is apparently made with full cream milk and double cream which is reason why it leaves a very creamy, rich feeling in your mouth. Apparently the cheese takes on mushroom when it matures but as we only purchased a half and ate it pretty much right away I didn’t get any of this.

Our second cheese was the Ogleshield (£20/kg, pictured bottom centre), again unpasteurized cow, the cheese is semi-soft and to my surprised categorised as a washed rind. The cheese is very creamy and has rich almost fruity flavour but is still semi-hard in texture.

What I like about Neal Yard Dairy is that I am able to learn a lot more about local English cheeses that otherwise I would know nothing about.Which means more cheeses to try and buy!

*Shop front image courtesy of Neal Yard Dairy

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