Delhi Grill, Islington

I’m pretty lucky enough to have Chapel market in Angel in my locale. Open Tuesday – Sunday the market has a good mix of bric-a-brac, fruit and vegetables; and on Sunday the top half of the market blooms into a fab farmers market. If I am ever in the area during lunchtime, I often pick up a delicious baguette from the french cheese stand on the south-side of the market (I must find out the name of the man who runs this store, as we can’t keep referring to him as Frank the fromage guy).

On a visit a week or so ago, I noticed a sign being carried around advertising Delhi Grill and their roti wraps. Whilst I didn’t immediately check it out (I hate to say it but the first thing I thought was ‘oh, another Mooli’), after reading this post on Eating East, I put two and two together and did a little bit more research.

Turns out the team behind Delhi Grill are trying to bring a real indian ‘dhaba’ canteen to Islington. Quoting from their website Delhi Grill offer

‘Indian food as it should be – freshly ground spices – slow cooked’.

Quite eager to try out the grill, I called in for takeaway on Monday evening only to find it closed. Not letting that deter me, I returned again a few days later for lunch, opting instead to eat one of their roti wraps.

Arriving just before midday, we found the team in the midst of setting up their stand just outside the restaurant. At a cheap £3 a pop, Sam and I decided to try their Sheekh Kebab roti wrap and also their Chicken Tikka roti wrap. Waiting inside the restaurant for the wraps, we spent the time admiring the kitschy decor (how beautiful are those doors!) and looking through their concise but interesting main menu.

The sheekh kebab wrap was really nice. The meat was well cooked, juicy with a hint of unidentifiable spices and was combined with cabbage, lettuce, onions and cucumber all wrapped in a homemade roti. The chicken tikka wrap was wrapped with the same condiments, but was a little dry so wasn’t as succulent. I’m not sure if this is the way it is normally served, but the roti wrap was a little cold for my liking which rendered the filling cold pretty quickly.

Whilst the portion size was fine for me, it was in no way as big as say a Mooli, a wrap that I can never personally finish. It would actually be pretty nice if they incorporate some of their slow cooked curries into the roti wraps, though it would make for very messy eating.

At £3 for the wrap and £0.60 for a can of drink, it’s an absolute bargain of a lunch, but stick with the sheekh kebab wrap. I’ll be back to try some of the curries for dinner!

Delhi Grill
21 Chapel Market
Islington, N1 9EZ
Delhi Grill on Urbanspoon

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3 Responses to Delhi Grill, Islington

  1. I’ve been eating those Chapel Market moolis on weekends, too, but still haven’t tried their “regular” menu you offerings. You know, those onion bhajis they offer with the moolis are outstanding, too. In fact, I like them better than I like the moolis.

    • Will try the onion bhaji next time! We haven’t yet tried the regular menu but we’ve been meaning to as the curries do look good. Good news is that they offer free delivery for orders over £12 within a 1 mile radius!

  2. Dave says:

    As we now live closer to Finsbury Park than to Angel, I’m kinda missing Chapel Rd Market. I’ve seen the stall when ever I am at the farmers market, but always been there on the other side of lunch so not wanting to burst my belly, I’ve given them a miss. But now I think I may have to wait till I get there.

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