Burgering at Byron, White City

Everyone needs a bit of junk food in their life from time to time, and like everyone there are certain things that I really can’t say no to.

Offer me a burger, pie floater, ribs or fish and chips and I’ll find it hard to refuse.

That’s how I found myself trekking over to White City on a Friday night, mainly to help a friend pick out a new pair of shoes but also lured by the thought of an easy bite at Byron Burger afterwards. Byron Burger chains seem to have popped up all over London this year, with my local in Angel often stepping up to satisfy my odd mid-week cravings.

The branch in London Westfield’s is deceptively large and has much more of a chain feel than some of the other branches. Ordering my standard chocolate milkshake (£3.50), my dining companion attempted to outdo me by nostalgically ordering a cream soda floater (£3.25). How very childish.

Two orders of Byron’s famous Byron burger (£8.50) soon arrived at the table. Premium grass fed beef is cooked medium and served alongside mature cheese, bacon and Byron sauce (a herbish mayo?), salad and a pickle.

Byron pride themselves on their soft bun, which whilst fresh is a little too small, soft and airey for my liking. I much prefer something that whilst soft, has a bit of substance so that it doesn’t fall apart at the eating. I do also like a bun that is slightly sweet and maybe a little more toasted so unfortunately I’m not the biggest fan of Byron’s.

The beef patty is actually really quite good. It is cooked medium as described and is fairly moist and lean. I also really liked the pickle that the burger is served with, but my dining companion didn’t – so lucky me I ate 2 of these.

A portion of skin-on fries were crisp and decent enough at £3 a side.

Overall whilst I am not the biggest fan of Byron’s bun, with 9 branches across London it’s a reliable stop to pick up a pretty decent burger. If you want to read a thing or two about real hamburgers, read this blog. Whilst I’m sure he wouldn’t approve of my Byron rantings, he does seem to know a thing or two about what makes a good burger.

Westfield Shopping Centre, W12 7GF

Apologies about the terrible photo – I attempted to capture something on my companions iphone after already taking a bite of my own burger…
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