Tapas para dos

It was Monday night and we really felt like Spanish. Problem with Monday night, is that you never feel like doing too much. Grocery shopping on a Monday is a chore. Doing a load of laundry on a Monday is a hassle. The thought of going for a run on a Monday is a definate no-go. How were we ever going to satisfy our tapas craving?

Lucikly the contents of our freezer had a surprising amount of food to put together this tapas feast. Albondigas con tomate, Salmon a la plancha, Champignon al ajillo, Chorizo y Morcilla.I am entirely grateful we decided to stock up on chorizo and morcilla (spanish black pudding) after a visit to Brindisa in Borough recently. All these required were a few holes poked in the sausages and after a splashing of olive oil were left to bake in the oven for a good 20 minutes. The morcilla was amazingly soft, rich without being too ‘bloody’ and amazing when spread over oven hot bread.

Getting the right garlic hit has always been a challenge when making Championes al ajillo (Garlic Mushrooms). Deciding that too much garlic is never enough, I combined 3 pieces of grated garlic with the mushrooms before adding a small dollop of butter, salt, pepper, a glug of olive oil and my secret weapon – garlic powder. Oven 20 minutes. The result was amazingly buttery and garlicy mushrooms perfect to mop your bread up in.

My meatballs were made using a combination of mince beef, tomato sauce, curry powder, dried oregano and bread crumbs. These were lighly pan fried before being added to a standard chunky tomato sauce (onion, garlic, oregano, canned tomatoes and a touch of honey) to cook through. Pan searing gives the meatballs more texture, and simmering ensures the meatballs are moist and flavoursome. Curry powder is not something I would ordinarily add, but it gave the meatball an almost ‘currywurst’ hit that we really enjoyed.

Salmon was pan seared with a touch of lemon and finished off in the oven.

All served with warm bread and a chilled bottle of pecorino – a pefect Monday night meal.

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