Fro-yo @ Frae, Islington

Yog, snog, frog. Yu-foria, moosh, itsu?

I have never been a fan of fro-yo and found it rather silly that so many frozen yoghurt parlours have popped up all over London in the past year. Honestly I have never quite understood how these shops manage to stay afloat during the colder months only to supply hot Londoners with frozen snack food for the very few weeks of summer we do have.

My opinions changed dramatically following a recent trip to NY. In the states where fro-yo is almost an institution, the yoghurt is creamy whilst still slightly tart, toppings plentiful and is cheap compared to how much it costs in London.

With summer so amazingly beautiful this year, I have tried and tested a lot of frozen goodness recently and I have to say that Frae in Islington wins it for me. Located on a corner in Camden passage, it is very easy to miss on a busy Saturday especially if you are dodging the antique hunting crowds. I first noticed the store last summer after I waved away a free sample that they were giving out. At the time I though it was just another Snog chain and secondly it was a rather cold day so I just wasn’t interested in something frozen.

It wasn’t until it got a bit hotter this year that I tried it for the first time.

Unlike some of the other chains, Frae offer two types of yoghurt only – plain or green tea (organic fat-free) either naked, or with toppings. I don’t find the toppings very good value as the fruits are sometimes not ripe enough and the portions a bit small, so I generally go for the naked version. The texture is sweet, yet tart enough and has an amazing creamy texture especially for something considered low-fat (83 calories I am lead to believe).

At £2.50 for a small (see pictured), guilt free summer snack… I don’t need more convincing.

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