My guilty pleasures

One of the blogs that I have been getting into lately is Luke Mackay’s food blog. It’s the perfect combination food miscellany and quirky humour. This recent post really got me thinking about my guilty food pleasures. By guilty food pleasures I don’t mean decadent chocolates desserts or goose-fat roasted potatoes. What I mean is junk food that is I know is really bad for me or food that I am slightly embarrassed about , yet I eat religiously none the less.

Whilst I love my occasional kebab and big mac, I think the list below defines my ultimate guilty (or secret) food pleasures…

  1. Fried Chicken – especially from dark meat (thigh) and even more so when its KFC hot ‘n’ spicy. Our local Jersey chicken now fills the need.
  2. Falafel – I could live and die off falafel’s and I will forever believe that they are not really junk food.
  3. Hommous – If I had the choice I would eat hommous + crackers for dinner more often that I do. Trust me it’s happened more than a few instances.
  4. Doritos – a dinner of Doritos + guacamole may be a strong contender to steer me away from the Hommous + crackers option.
  5. Spring rolls and super inauthentic red sweet and sour pork – I’m Chinese and totally unashamed of loving this. Especially when canned pineapple is involved.
  6. Sausages – I would rather scoff down a street Bratwurst any day than sit through a full on dining experience.
  7. Laksa – my default food option (if available) if I cannot bear to make a food decision.
  8. Orange Juice – my holy water.

Given how much I appreciate eating good food, it’s amazing that I can bring myself to eat for example foie gras and doritos in the same sitting. Like Luke, I think I will probably lose a lot credibility by letting the world know my too frequent food habits, but I know I cannot be one only eating this badly right?

So won’t you share with me yours?

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