10 minute lunch… Poached egg, bacon, mozzarella and rocket pesto salad…

I think I finally have the poaching egg thing down pact.

Huge moment in my life!

I have always known about the vinegar and the swirling water, but for some reason it still has never worked for me. Determined to get it right this time around I kept the vinegared water at a simmer, swirled the water around before dropping my egg in oh so carefully right in the middle of the pot and waiting patiently.

Perfect, perfect poached eggs.

Combined with crispy bacon, rocket, mozzarella and any other salad items I could find in the fridge and finished off with ready-made pesto and olive oil.

I’m sure I’m not the only one that has always had difficulty with poached eggs right? Now onto the next challenge to see whether I can handle doing more than one egg in a pan at once!

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