Mid-week cocktail

Whilst pondering over why I haven’t had a good night sleep this week, I suddenly had one of those light bulb ‘ding’ moments coming home on the tube today. Surely core to the problem was the fact that I haven’t consumed a drop of alcohol since the weekend.

Inspired by some good looking mint I scored, I decided that the solution to my problem was to whip up a Moscow Mule or two!

A Moscow Mule combines vodka, ginger beer and lime to create a refreshing drink that is oh so easy to guzzle. For a ginger lover like me, the addition of ginger beer really gives it a real edge. I prefer mine a little sweet, so I often put in a spoon of sugar, though most recipes don’t call for one…


My Moscow Mule (makes 2)
– 2-3 generous shots of Vodka (or if you are lazy like me, free pour for a 2-3 seconds)
– 1-1.5 juicy limes, cut into cubes
– Handful of mint, torn from its stems
– Ginger Beer
– Ice cubes
– Tablespoon of sugar

Place lime cubes, roughly torn mint, sugar, vodka and ice cubes in a cocktail shaker & muddle. Shake, shake, shake before straining into a chilled glass (with more ice cubes if you like). Top with ginger beer and add an extra piece of mint for garnish…

Enjoy and sleep well!

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