Cheese of the Week 25/4/09

dsc_95682Mont d Or AOC Le Montagnon

A french (Franche-Comté) soft cheese made from raw cow milk with a washed rind.

Unlike alot of washed rind type cheeses, we found it lightly pungent and creamy whist still having the flavour depth of a normal washed rind.

The cheese is so soft it can be eaten with a spoon, or simply spread over a warm baguette. We ate it this way and managed to devour just under half in one sitting!

The owner of the Chapel market cheese store even suggests dolloping it over steaming pasta for a rico meal! If we have any left, this sounds like a fantastic way to prepare a non-nonsense mid-week meal!

Rating: 8/10
We just love the fact that its a mildy pungent creamy cheese that we can keep on eating…

£5.75 for 600g
Chapel Market Cheese store (Angel, N1)

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