Sweet tooth

In my desperate search for cheap ‘n’ cheerful postre (dessert)  in London, I have absolutely developed an obsession for Beard Papa.

I was first introduced to this brand of cream puff in the basement of Hong Kong’s SOGO department store. Ever since, I have jumped at every opportunity to eat one… on trips to Japan… on trips to Shanghai…. on trips to HK…

When news reached me of the first Sydney branch,  I was beyond excited. However upon discovering they weren’t using fresh vanilla pods, I wasn’t happy. Afterwards I pretty much ignored that the shop existed, since as far as I’m concerned – bad Beard Papa is no good to me.


A casual stroll down Oxford St near the Photographers Gallery brought me at the doorstep of London’s Beard Papa. Claiming to be “possibly the best cream puff in the world”, the version didn’t disappoint. Nothing, nothing can beat a freshly cooked crisp profiterole filled-to-order with fresh vanilla custard, then lightly dusted with icing sugar.

With Sam working near Tott Court Rd, I have every excuse under the moon to make a visit to this little corner store at least once a week. Totally bad for my waistline, I know but its just the one thing I can’t say no to!

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