Fiesta de Tapas!

A friend visiting from Sydney, gave us the perfect excuse to visit Borough markets over the weekend. And with the sweet memory of Jamon still fresh in mind, there was no better excuse to shop for a fiery tapas fiesta! Where to shop? Look no further than Brindisa @ Borough my friend! After quickly devouring one of their famous chorizo/pepper/arugula rolls, we walked into the shop front right next door to stock up on some fine Spanish groceries.


Brindisa sells the most perfect morcilla – a spanish black pudding. I know morcilla isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but Samson and I became totally addicted to the moist black blood sausage whilst in Argentina. There just something about the richness, the tantalising BBQ flavour (especially when straight off an Argentine parrilla), and smooth texture that’s just… perfect!

We also couldn’t go past taking home some of their chorizo picante (Spicy Chorizo) to throw into the Tapas mix, as well as some very melt-in-your-mouth perfect Jamon Iberico de Belotta (cured Iberian ham).


To start off the meal, Ed bought some fantastic Duck Liver Pate with Truffles, which we grazed on, alongside our Jamon Iberico, with a lovely Flour Power City Baguette whilst the meal was cooking.

Now in cooking the meal – I decided to cook the Chorizo and Morcilla a la plancha (grilled), as I though it probably best to let the produce do the talking, but I did add a little homemade tomato tapenade to the Chorizo, just for added moisture.


No tapas meal is complete without Gambas al ajillo (Garlic Prawns), and although I used peeled frozen prawns, the result was as crisp, garlicy and tasty as you would expect from fresh prawns.


My favourite potatoes, patatas bravas were definetly on the menu, which I cooked by parboiling potatoes cubes, roasting them to a crisp, before serving with homemade tomato tapenade and mayonnaise.

I also made Championes de ajillo (Garlic Mushrooms), using button mushrooms instead of Champions, with the resulting garlic mushroom oil tasting just fantastic when soaked up with the crusty bread.

Lastly I had some leftover pork loin I wanted to use up, so decided to make pincho de cerdo (Pork kebab skewers). Not a regular spanish style marinade however as I added dark soy, honey, fish sauce, garlic and shao xing cooking wine, before skewering, cooking on a griddle and finishing in the oven. The result however was so moist and tender, and with a squeeze of lemon before serving, the asian flavours didn’t seem out of place at all.Pincho de cerdo

Although I ended up cooking enough food to feed a small army, somehow the three of us managed to polish most of the food off (and a nice bottle of red), without much difficulty. Riquisimo!

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