Cheesy goodness

raclette2So ever since visiting our first farmers market, Sam has been absolutely obsessed with Raclette cheese. It’s not something that we see commonly in Australia, and I guess its the gooey cheese goodness that’s doing it for him. And I wholeheartedly agree – the rich, melted gooey goodness, spread all over moorish bread – how could it possibly not stop you (and your heart) in your tracks.

For those who are unfamiliar with this cheese, Wiki-know tells me that this is a swiss cow’s milk cheese generally consumed by melting a cheese round whole, before scraping it onto a diners plate and serving it alongside potatoes and pickles.

After nearly blinding the Raclette maestro with his camera flash, Sam soon found out that the fantastic cheese melting machines were also available on a smaller scale for domestic kitchens. And so a really unnecessary desire blossomed. In the weeks that were to follow, we seemed to encounter the take-home version of this machine everywhere we went. Cheese shops, pound shops (well a poorer version at least), farmers markets – I never knew that something I didn’t know existed could be everywhere all of a sudden.


Being mildly lactose intolerant, I can’t say at all I was thrilled by Sam’s latest obsession. He could see no reason how I could not see practical use of the Raclette in a household kitchen, let alone having a massive block of cheese just waiting to be melted. In his eyes, it could potentially be the best thing — EVER!

So as much as I love cheese, Sam hasn’t won the battle… yet at least.

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