Let the food fight begin…

So anyone who knows Sam and I well will know that we are obsessed with food. Obsessed to the point where we will happily fore-go all other basic necessities just for the chance to bite into another mouth watering lovely. We can’t get through a living moment without wondering what our next meal will bring, or booking a restaurant for our next catch up with friends. It truly is what brings us together.

Moving to London, the challenge of starting your restaurant vocabulary all over again has been quite the adventure. Where to grocery shop for good and value produce? Where to eat on a budget? Where to splash out when the paychecks come in? All questions we have agonised over for the past 2 months – but have provided a great excuse to eat our way through London!

food_cocnutdrops3But it has not always been fun.

There have been many nights spent reminiscing the best of what Sydney has to offer – from Ashfield soup dumplings (Xiao Long Bao) to Petersham Portuguese and Onde’s Duck Liver Pate. Mostly for food that we haven’t found an equivalent London joint for. Too many nights thinking we are crazy to have moved here!

2 months after moving here, I’ve decided to blog our adventure. So far we have made some fabulous discoveries and what’s the point of discovering somewhere brilliant if you have no one to share it with.

Enjoy xo

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1 Response to Let the food fight begin…

  1. Saresare says:

    So this is what you have been busy with!!!! Nice work my friend 🙂
    I too have been craving the duck liver pate at Onde!!! I shall take a picture for you next time I go …
    Looking forward to reading your munching adventures.

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